Online Marketing

  • Communication on social media

    The content creating. Defining the expected attitudes and customer behavior.

  • PPC Campaigns

    Target campaigns eg. Increasing sales or brand image correction, or increase brand awareness. The selection of communications for the target group. Choose the media and continuity of the content. Create a project and define resources for the campaign. Evaluation of the project with the client.


  • Web presentation

    Website design. Proposed structure of the site. Banners. Consolidation of the text.

  • Events

    Event design. Project with timeline and budget. Partnership. PR.

  • Advertising

    Promotion indirect, straight. Close cooperation with the sales manager. Creation flyers, datasheets, catalogs. Mailing. Draft market place and its graphics processing. Organization of seminars, exhibitions, conferences.

  • Brand management.

    Definition of brand against the other brands. Logo design. Creating a slogans. Proposal to create positive associations with the product. Communication.

  • Marketing strategies

    Market segmentation. Targeting. Positioning. SWOT analysis or others analyzes 5F, BSG, PETLE. Creating a marketing mix (4P, 4C, 3V, 4S) and its components. Setting sales targets. Determination of prices. Determination of promotion and distribution. Tracking sales results. Innovation. Following correction marketing strategy.